TT League Criteria Trophies are awarded for the Divisions as follows:
Division 1 Bob Elliot Trophy
Division 2 John Archbold Trophy
Division 3 Hollymill Cycles Trophy
Division 4 Pilates-Cumbria Trophy

Qualifying times for the divisions 1 to 3 for 2020 are based on the 2 fastest rides in BCW Club and Open 10s during the 2019.

League Qualifying Times for 2020:
Division 1 24.00 minutes and faster
Division 2 24.01 to 26.00 minutes.
Division 3 Slower than 26.01 minutes
Division 4 Road Bike/Novice League* (re-introduced 2020).  No qualifying times required

*Novices (1st year of competing in Time Trials) will be placed in the Road Bike/Novice division regardless of the type of bike.
New, experienced members league will be determined according to known ability.

Points in each division are 20 for fastest, down to 5 for 16th fastest and lower, in all counting events. Non finishers will be awarded 5 points.
2020: Best 12 rides from a possible 22 counting events.

Counting events: BCW Club and Open time trials, and also in the other Open time trials organised by other clubs, chosen by the Committee (refer to the 2020 program of events).

Only full members of the Border City Wheelers CC will qualify for Time Trial League points and awards. This also applies to all trophies.