Club Rides

The details of upcoming rides are available on the events calendar.  Any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

Guide to Club Rides

Joining a club ride is more than just a chance to make some new friends – there is no better way to find the best cycle routes and cafes in our area. Your fellow riders can also give you tips on fixing your bike, improve your fitness and riding style, provide moral support and even encourage you to try out a cycling event.

Who are Club Rides for?

  • Current BCW club members
  • Prospective Club members for up to 2 rides.  After this you will be asked to join the Club.
  • Unfortunately, for insurance reasons past members cannot ride unless they re-join the Club.
  • Juniors over 12 years of age competent to a Level 2 standard preferably accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Please see risk assessment for further details.  A Club Ride Parental Consent Form must be downloaded, completed and presented on the first ride.  The Ride Captain should also be informed before the day of the ride of any unaccompanied under 18 rider intending to join a ride.

What is it like on a Club ride?

  • You will have an experienced Ride Captain who will have an enjoyable route planned.
  • If you are new to group riding, let them know – they will keep an eye on you, or assign someone to do so.
  • If you are not a BCW member please download and complete a Guest Registration form and bring it with you.
  • Keep in mind they are a volunteer and listen carefully to any instructions.  Let them lead!
  • If you fall behind, don’t worry – your group should wait for you at the next junction or at the top of a climb.
  • Abide by the Highway and Countryside Codes – never ride more than two abreast except when passing.
  • Drop into single file on narrow or busy roads, unless it would be unsafe to do so.
  • Show courtesy to other road and trail users and be a good ambassador for the Club and cycling.
  • Be alert to what other riders around you are doing and do not get too close to them.
  • Shout ‘Slowing!’ or ‘Stopping!’ if necessary – smooth, gentle manoeuvres work best.
  • Point out any road defects or other hazards to others.
  • If you wish to leave the ride, let the Ride Leader know first.
  • Please remember you ride at your own discretion and be self supported as the Club cannot arrange recovery.

What should I bring on a Club ride?

  • Any appropriate bike in good working order.  If in doubt, have it checked over by a local bike shop or qualified mechanic.
  • A helmet to an approved standard.
  • Carry at least a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers.
  • Dress for the weather and bring a spare layer.
  • Bring a drink and energy bar plus cash for the café stop.
  • Good lights are essential if there is any chance of riding in the dark or poor visibility.
  • Mobile phone or coins to be able to call for assistance if necessary.
  • The club strongly advises you have suitable 3rd party cycling insurance cover.

Please note Club Rides may be cancelled at short notice due to weather and this will be announced via Twitter which will also be on the website.

For further information please read our Club Ride Risk Assessment (below).  If you are new to group riding the links below give great information:

British Cycling – A guide to group cycling
YouTube – How to communicate with signals in a bunch
British Cycling – How to check your bike