Chief Marshals Required

Chief Marshals required for season 2019 club events.

Basic outline of duties:

  • Collect signs, paperwork and stop watches etc. for the event
  • Place the signs out on course (or organise with marshals)
  • Organise the placement of the marshals on the night.
  • Signing in of riders.
  • Replace signs etc back in lock-up after the event (not on the night unless it suits you).

We have lost 4 Chief Marshals from this season for various reasons so a few extra would be a great help for the 5 remaining.  The chief marshal duty can be organised to coincide with the marshal duties.  A couple of occasions during the season is the aim.  The more Chief Marshals we have means the less occasions we are required to carry out the duties.

Please contact Lee Foster if you would like to volunteer or you are interested and require more details.