Cancellation of Remaining BCW Events – 2020

The following is a message from Lee Foster, Border City Wheelers CC Chairman

Dear Member,

I hope you and your family are fit and healthy.

Cancellation of the Remaining Border City Wheelers Events Planned for 2020

I am writing this on behalf of the Committee, Time Trial Sub Committee, Open Event Organisers and Timekeepers.
Those mention above have agreed with this decision to cancel the remaining events of the season based on three main factors, the CTT Covid19 risk assessment, our moral responsibilities and the social element of holding events.

As you may know, the CTT have made the decision to allow time trials to commence on the 6th July for club events and the 18th July for open events but only under strict, extensive, thorough and demanding conditions as outlined in their “Covid19 Risk Assessment” and “ Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Event during Covid19”. We don’t think it is practical and in some cases possible to meet all the conditions required to run the remainder of our events for what would amount to a lot of work for very little gain.
There are just five club events and two open events remaining and the season is basically over regarding competitions and trophies.
You can find the two documents I have mentioned on the CTT website if you would like to see what is required to hold an event. These are the links to the documents –

We also feel as a cycling club we also have a moral issue during this pandemic. The virus is still present, people are still dying, many fearing for their jobs, businesses and livelihoods. Arriving at local villages to hold, what amounts to non-essential events, would in our view be irresponsible. We have been lucky as cyclist to be able to still go out and cycle alone, or with family, since the start of the lockdown while people in other sports couldn’t continue as they would have liked. We need to do the right thing and be seen to be doing the right thing.

Finally we hold events for the social aspect as well as competing. Under the Covid19 restrictions you would basically have to turn up, ride or officiate and go straight home after. No loitering or gathering or even the use of the inside of HQ’s (except for the use of toilets under strict conditions).

Events under British Cycling rules, by nature of the group riding aspect, are still under wraps.
The BCW Junior section activities are suspended until further notice, which will probably be until next year. The events held by CCA (Carlisle Circuit Association) at the Harraby track are also suspended for 2020.

We will plan and organise as normal to run a full season of events in 2021 by which time some of the pandemic restrictions will be relaxed or even removed?

I will be in touch with you all again regarding the possibilities of holding the AGM.

On behalf of the BCW Committee,

Lee Foster
Chair & TT Secretary

New Rule for the Training of BCW Cycle Coaches

Aim: To provide the club with a number of qualified cycling coaches.

Border City Wheelers actively encourage and support the training and development of coaches to provide coaching to club members.

This rule relates to the funding and retention of new coaches or coaches undertaking the next level.

Members wishing to become a coach should apply to either the Junior Section Secretary or Club Chairperson for approval. Members may also be approached to become coaches.

Once it is agreed for a club member to attend a coaching course they are required to apply for a British Cycling bursary and pay the remainder of the course fee.

The balance of the course fee paid by the individual will be refunded in full, 50% after completed 5 coaching sessions and the remaining 50% after completing a further 5 coaching sessions (10 sessions in all).

On completion of the course the individual should provide the club Treasurer with a copy of the invoice etc and a copy of the certificate.