Coronavirus – Message from our Chairman

Dear Members,

Our responsibilities during this period of the pandemic.

I received the following information from a concerned resident in Arnside which acts as a reminder to us all of our responsibilities.

Although I don’t think there is any connection directly to our club or indeed whether the cyclist mentioned are actually members of any cycling club?
I have omitted the persons personal details from the message and have sent a positive and reassuring reply and indicated that I would post the message on our web site and Facebook.

There were many people referred to in the message but typically cyclist’s are singled out because they are easily identified.

Some of us have already discussed this issue and I personally would suggest we should avoid riding in two’s, three’s or groups other than family groups.
Remember it is as important that we are seen to be doing the right things as well as doing them.

Lee Foster, Chairperson and Time Trial Secretary.

Message as follows:
I am a resident in the village of Arnside in South-Lakes and I would like to bring something to the attention of cyclists in this area.

Over the weekend, Arnside, was inundated by visitors, as if it were a Bank Holiday. No one was observing any social distancing advice. Among these were numerous groups of cyclists. They arrive and wander around the front and on the prom socialising in groups.

I feel it is beyond irresponsible at a time when the government has asked people to go out ONLY for essential reasons. It is disrespectful to the NHS staff who are struggling already to cope with the increasing numbers of ill people. And it is downright disgusting to go to someone else’s residential area and potentially spread the virus here.

I am sending this letter to all the cycling clubs in the area to ask if you have a policy or guidance and has this been communicated to your club members? If not, please can you advise your members that if they wish to cycle for exercise, then all well and good – but not to stop and wander around local villages. It should be a ‘there and back’ mentality.

I am a schoolteacher who is having to support the children of keyworkers and making huge sacrifices myself. I really do not appreciate this attitude from the cycling community.

Coronavirus – Cancellation of Border City Wheeler Events

This will come as no surprise to you that we, the committee, have taken the decision to cancel all our open time trials, club time trials, Junior section activities and Harraby track meets until further notice.

We will, along with the CTT, British Cycling and VTTA be reviewing the situation with the hope that, all being well, we can maybe continue competitions later in the season?

We hope these actions will help reduce the risk of spreading the virus and ultimately it’s demise?

I wish you and your families good health and hope you all remain free from the virus at this difficult time.

On behalf of Border City Wheelers,

Lee Foster
Chair and Time Trial Secretary

New Rule for the Training of BCW Cycle Coaches

Aim: To provide the club with a number of qualified cycling coaches.

Border City Wheelers actively encourage and support the training and development of coaches to provide coaching to club members.

This rule relates to the funding and retention of new coaches or coaches undertaking the next level.

Members wishing to become a coach should apply to either the Junior Section Secretary or Club Chairperson for approval. Members may also be approached to become coaches.

Once it is agreed for a club member to attend a coaching course they are required to apply for a British Cycling bursary and pay the remainder of the course fee.

The balance of the course fee paid by the individual will be refunded in full, 50% after completed 5 coaching sessions and the remaining 50% after completing a further 5 coaching sessions (10 sessions in all).

On completion of the course the individual should provide the club Treasurer with a copy of the invoice etc and a copy of the certificate.